About Us

The Club’s motto
comes from Thomas Jefferson who said…

“When people fear government, there’s tyranny!When the government fears the people, there’s liberty!”

The Club has existed since late 1975, but its roots were founded in the turbulence of 1974, when the Republican Party, stung by the Watergate revelations, took a serious setback in the November Congressional Elections. After that election, several men met at Adrian C. Pump’s house and decided that it was time for the men of Bexar County to get involved. Men were recruited from among the ranks of Republican precinct chairmen, retirees, and husbands of women that belonged to the several Republican women’s clubs in the county to form the Republican Men’s Club of Bexar County. Adrian Pump was elected first president of the Club. The Club’s membership numbers have varied over the years depending on how strongly Republicans felt the need for their active involvement in politics.  In 2015, the membership voted to change its Bylaws to grant full membership to both men and women, thereby also changing its name to Republican Club of Bexar County.

Join us every 4th Wednesday of the month Jan-Oct and every 3rd Wednesday of the month Nov-Dec in the Fiesta Room of Luby’s Cafeteria at 911 North Main Street in San Antonio. Lunch will be $18 for members or $20 for guests.